Harold and Rosemarie Marx Memorial Fund

Celebrating 25 years of service!

Marx Fund 2016


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Founded in 1989, the Harold and Rosemarie Marx Memorial Fund was established to provide cultural, social, recreational and educational activities to the children of Cook County Juvenile Court. These activities represent life experiences, which broaden the children’s perspective on themselves and the world around them.

Today, the Marx Fund serves over 3,000 court children every year. It is far and away the Juvenile Court’s most widely used resource and most versatile tool for maximizing probation’s benefit for every child.

Harold Marx was one of the Juvenile Court’s best probation officers. He made a daily commitment to do the extra things necessary to touch and change his clients’ lives. Harold routinely met the children he supervised for lunch or snacks after school. He took them to movies, plays and concerts, introduced them to Chicago’s museums, and spent hours with them at area parks and forest preserves. Harold and his wife, Rosemarie Grout Marx, took particular pleasure in introducing court clients to music and the arts. Like generations of devoted Probation Officers before him, Harold did all of these things on his own time and with his own money.

Harold and Rosemarie’s lives were cut short on July 14, 1989, when they were killed in a tragic automobile accident. To commemorate their lives and the ideals they personified, the Harold and Rosemarie Marx Memorial Fund was established in November, 1989. The purpose of the fund was to provide the means for all Probation Officers to offer the kinds of activities and experiences that would not only improve their clients’ outlook while on probation, but also enrich their lives after probation.