Harold and Rosemarie Marx Memorial Fund

Celebrating 25 years of service!

Shannon Carroll

My name is Shannon Carroll, and I am a Cook County Juvenile Probation Officer. I have been utilizing the Marx funding for my clients for almost fourteen years. The majority of my clients reside in the Kensington area; a high crime neighborhood festered with gangs, drugs, and murders. Most of my client’s parents are struggling financially and are unable to expose their children to cultural, educational, and sporting events.  The majority of my clients come from single parent homes.

I have secured Marx Funds to take my  teenage clients (age 14- 19, male and female) to many events such as: theater on the Pier, Bull’s basketball games, Amusement Parks, Fox news, ice skating, concerts, peace circles, book signings, Taste of Chicago, horseback riding,  bowling, and many more.

I have also requested Marx Funds to pay for clothing and hygiene products for clients entering drug treatment, graduation and prom fees, and extra-curricular activities (I had two clients to join the Bears football youth camp, and one client  to join his high school band). Marx Funds have also been used to reward my clients when doing well at school or drug treatment.

Marx Funds is a valuable resource that gives me the opportunity to expose and connect my clients to positive programs and activities in Chicago.