Harold and Rosemarie Marx Memorial Fund

Celebrating 25 years of service!



Tree of Hope Dedication Ceremony for the Late Mrs. Ilse Marx

Marx Fund Testimonial: Special Events

by L Margolies



In addition, the Marx Fund was able to assist our North Lawndale Unit when we held a special event during spring break 2013 for our clients. We had a viewing of the movie, The Interrupters. The Marx Fund provided lunch for our clients after the movie while we had a group discussion of what they just watched. The clients appeared to really enjoy themselves!

The New Marx Fund Website: Celebrating 25 Years of Service


The 25 Anniversary Edition of our new Logo

While the Marx Fund will always use the old-fashioned ways of managing and publicizing its work, we have created this website to let everyone know about the work we do for the young people of the Juvenile Court. We have expanded our fundraising effort by incorporating Kindful–a service that helps us manage our operations. And we’re going beyond Facebook: We are now on Twitter and LinkedIn.


This is a lot of change for the Marx Fund and we are doing this because one thing has not changed; we are still dedicated juvenile justice professionals who firmly believe in exposing youth to social, cultural educational and recreational activities that they otherwise may have not had the opportunity to experience. No matter how much the world changes in the next twenty five years, we’ll still stick to our mission.


–Amanda Halawa Mahdi, President of the Marx Fund